DrCredit.com consent for electronic signatures, records, and disclosures (“E-consent”)

It is highly important that you read this information thoroughly and have a clear understanding of all that it entails.
Making a copy for future reference is highly recommended. You are submitting an application for credit with one of our
third party lenders. Those lenders require your consent to use electronic signatures, records, and disclosures. This form
will inform you of your rights when receiving such information.

By using DrCredit.com electronic and online services (“Electronic Services”) you hereby consent to this Notice and
affirm that you have access to the hardware and software requirements identified below.

-A computer capable of accessing the internet
-Access to an email account
-An internet browser software program that supports at least 128 bit encryption
-A PDF file reader
_A printer or long term storage device

By clicking on the “Apply Now” button, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and accept the terms of these services.
This E-Sign Disclosure and Consent applies to all communications for services provided by DrCredit.com
and our affiliates. Under this Notice, communications you receive in electronic form from us or one of our affiliated
lenders will be considered “in writing.” If at any time you need a paper copy of any disclosure, you may contact the third
party lender directly and request a paper copy at no extra charge.

This consent cannot be withdrawn due to the nature of being a one time transaction. You may however withdraw your
E-consent with the third party lender by contacting them directly at no charge.