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America is a nation of debtors, where goods and services can be obtained in exchange for future payment. The exact cost of borrowing money is determined by the type of loan and the risk of a debtor defaulting. Each borrower’s level of risk is based on a multitude of factors such as income and credit history. Although having bad credit can severely limit an individual’s ability to borrow money, there are still viable options through personal loan lenders.

Loan providers come in a variety of forms, ranging from major financial institutions that offer many services, to smaller companies that focus primarily on assisting people with less than favorable credit. The rate of defaulting and lowered credit scores has increased due to the recent economic upheaval that resulted in a surge of unemployment and reduced household income. This sequence of events made it difficult for the average consumer to continue meeting payment obligations for previously held debts, which in turn damaged the credit necessary for future borrowing. Personal loan lenders offer a solution to the many people with bad credit by lending money that’s either backed by some form of collateral or at a higher interest rate to compensate for the greater risk.

Collateral is an asset that the borrower puts against the loan as a type of security for the lender in case of default. Although this is typically done with the equity in a house or automobile, there can be additional options for assets with a verified amount of value. The added security of the borrower sharing the risk allows personal loan lenders to partially disregard an individual’s bad credit and provide funds at interest rates lower than an unsecured loan. Despite added security, the approval process is still contingent on the borrower’s ability to make payments by maintaining stable employment with regular income. The extent of the borrower’s poor credit is also a taken into consideration, with questionable circumstances like felonies or bankruptcies often resulting in higher interest rates or the complete denial of a loan application.

For prospective borrowers that have bad credit and an insufficient amount of assets to use as collateral, there’s usually the option of borrowing money at an extremely high rate of interest. The approval process for this type of loan is more rigid than a secured loan, being that the lender accepts all of the risk. Every part of a borrower’s personal and financial history is examined to determine the probability that payment obligations will be fulfilled. Similar employment and income requirements apply, while the borrower’s exact reason for needing the loan is often added into the equation to help gauge levels of risk. When personal loan lenders conclude that a borrower has an acceptable amount of risk, they can offer full sums of money or a line of credit at an interest rate proportional to the likelihood that the borrower will default.

Although having bad credit can be burdensome, personal loan lenders offer the means to secure needed funds while making it possible to improve credit during the repayment process. Borrowing money always includes a certain amount of risk, with loan collateral being subject to repossession and further credit damage resulting from default or delinquency. It’s important that prior to obtaining a loan, all prospective borrowers be fully aware of the many responsibilities involved with holding debt.

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